Frequently Asked Questions


Who joins interact networking Group?

The people who join the InterAct Networking Group are those local Fairfield County business people who are interested in expanding their business by networking with other local business people. InterAct is typically comprised of local business professionals who represent their own specific vertical market; (i.e. Attorney, Mortgage Loan Officer, Insurance Sales, Accountant, Heating & Air Conditioning, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Agents, Home Improvement Contractor, Financial/Investment Advisor, Business Coach, etc).

Where and When do the members of the InterAct Networking Group meet?

Each Thursday at 7:15am all members meet at the Norwalk Inn on East Avenue in Norwalk. The meeting concludes promptly at 8:30pm.

how can I become a member of interact networking group?

You must attend at least two consecutive weekly meetings actively engage in meeting presentations/discussions and submit an application for membership. Along with the membership application you will need to submit a check for your annual dues. During the second week, you will be invited to meet with an InterAct officer at your place of employment for a brief interview.

The purpose of the interview is to better understand your business and to ensure that there are certain synergies between the InterAct organization and your business. We want to be sure that your business can be a source of referrals and that the InterAct Networking Group can in turn furnish referrals to you. It is also our intention to ensure that there is no overlap of business delivery between existing members and the business of the proposed new member.

What are the prerequisites for joining the Interact Networking group

You must have a business with a working office that provides a service to the local community. You must be able to attend 75% of all scheduled meetings and actively engage in all group activities.

What are the benefits of joing the interact networking group?

The main benefit to join InterAct is to receive business leads and referrals from other members within their own perspective local vertical markets. You will also have the opportunity to offer referrals to other InterAct members who you can trust will serve your own clients with professionalism, honesty and integrity. When you provide or receive a lead, the referral involved is someone who is interested in a specific service or product and is expecting a call from an InterAct member.

You will also be able to develop a relationship with other local professionals who are not within your local day to day sphere of influence. This will allow you to expand your networking, presence while you develop a broader understanding of the local business environment around you.

What are the annual costs of joining the interact networking group?

The initial annual cost of membership is $150. Annual renewal cost after the initial year is $100. If an existing member introduces a new member to InterAct, the existing member’s annual membership dues are waived. Additionally, each month you will be expected to pay weekly dues of $10 to cover costs of our individual breakfast meals.